Friday, April 4, 2014

Poisonous grapes?

I just found out that Sweden stopped importing grapes from Peru because they have so much pesticide on them that people were getting sick. I sometimes get really nauseous and dizzy for what seem to be no reason, and lately I have had a rash on my arms that itch like crazy. I am starting to think that grapes and the issues I've been having may be related, and I think I will need to give up my little purple treats. Adios uvas... Luckily there are lots of other goodies available!

Monday, March 24, 2014


I mentioned yesterday that I spent too much time in the sun without sunscreen. I am so embarrassed to show myself in public today. People were staring more than normal... Wasn't able to go to Huara today, because being outside made my skin burn. I had to hug the walls to stay in the shade. Felt like a vampire...
I was able to check the Internet and found out my great niece will start bottle feeding this week. Great progress.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Four hours fun in the sun = pain

I was invited to watch a soccer game at a stadium this morning at 10 am. Had written down the address so I could tell a moto taxi where to take me, and I made my way there. My boy J, plays on a team with adults and other teenagers and they have a tournament during the summer months 
When I arrived, I realized I should have listened to the small quite voice that whispered "put on sunscreen" before I left my house. This was not the type of stadium with seats and shade that I am used to when I think of a stadium. It was a large grassy field, that's it... There had been a few clouds when I left home, but by the time I made myself comfortable on a spot in the grass, those clouds were nowhere in sight. 
I enjoyed a soccer game that was in progress, but there were no signs of my boy until I was just about to leave. His game ended up starting at 12 pm, so I stayed 2 more hours to watch... I moved his shirt around to cover parts of my arms and legs throughout the game, but will look horrible tomorrow. I am sure I will get blisters from this burn. I was also wearing sunglasses so I will have a nice raccoon look as well. The sun here is so much stronger than anything I'm used to on the Northern hemisphere...
The coach that had brought him from the orphanage allowed me to bring him back all by myself. I wish I had freedom to do things in the community more often. I would have loved to take him out to lunch before going back, but was afraid I would get caught and loose my good standing with the people in charge. I'm always a bit nervous that one day they will tell me that I can't come back anymore. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Great aunt

I am a proud GREAT AUNT (!) to a 3 lb, 2oz baby girl. While I spent the past 4 days in Lima, lots was happening with my family at a hospital in Mississippi. For now, both my niece and baby are well, but for a while we didn't know if my niece or the baby were actually going to survive. We have all been on a crazy emotional roller coaster these last few days. 

so little and helpless

I did get a lot done in Lima. One night I ran into my Peruvian/Swedish friend whom I met last year. It's funny that you can run into someone in a town as large as Lima, but I guess we both spend most of our time in the same neighborhood... He was on his way home, but we went to his favorite restaurant and had a drink (coffee and juice). It was great to spend some time together and catch up. Ended up talking a lot about Swedish and Peruvian government and politics... I learned a lot that night. He also might be able to help me get a visa that would allow me to stay longer here. We talked for so long I think he might have missed his last bus home.
Caught the bus back home again today and spent the afternoon with the girls helping with homework. 

Saturday, March 15, 2014


I made a new friend today. My friend's introduced me to a woman living at the hospital. Her son lives at the orphanage and her daughter lives with the dad's mother. She has now been there for about 18 months and she is in need of constant oxygen. Her lungs are failing and her body is slowly shutting down. Can you imagine starting at the same boring walls for 18 months?? She is an amazing person, so full of spunk, despite her situation. I promised her I would start visiting her every week and she asked me to teach her English. She didn't care my Spanish is kind of crappy, but was beaming that I would be coming regularly to visit her. I am so excited to get to know her and hear her story.

Today the girls got taught about rejection and several of the older ones were crying. So many of them have suffered sexual and emotional abuse and haven't dealt with the aftermath yet... I pray this is the beginning of them finding healing and restoration.
Afterwards we took all the kids to the movies and dinner. We watched T arzan and there was a moment when we all thought the gorilla mom was dead. I believe that was really sad moment for my boy J. I think he missed his mother who died last December. He laid his head on my shoulder just then. I wish I had the power to remove all their pain so they can just be little kids...

Friday, March 14, 2014


My missionary friends from Lima came today and started doing a Vacation Bible Study with the kids. So many of them have all their emotional pain bottled up and have a faulty view of who they are and don't know how valuable they are. I loved that they were being taught truth today. My friends were teaching them about rejection and had the kids write down negative feelings they have. I hope they can begin to process these things before they become adults and get into relationships. No other person will be able to fill the wholes in their heart and soul. But that won't stop them from looking for it in every person they meet, unless God intervenes and heals them. I know this from personal experience.
Yesterday, I got play Santa Claus. I delivered the baby clothes I had scored in thrift stores in the States to two new young mothers. It was so fun, and I got to rock a baby to sleep too... sigh...

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Great news from AK!

Haven't gotten to see the kids for a few days now, but wanted to give them time to settle into their new routines, and I have also had trouble catching the lady at the orphanage that I need to speak with to arrange for my future visits.
It's been kind of good to have a few days to get my affairs in order as well. I spent several hours yesterday sorting through last years receipts for tax purposes, and it was way overdue!
Today I found out that my house church in AK had collected $750 to go towards a young pregnant girl I know. The money will go toward vitamins, food, and eventually diapers, a stroller, baby clothes etc. She will know that God has not forgotten her! I can't wait to tell her that people as far away as AK cares about her and her baby.
I also went to an internet place and had the opportunity to watch most of the baby dedication from my home church. Several of my friends have recently had babies, and I was so thankful I was able to watch it online. It did make me miss them all so much more though. When I am in Lima this weekend I will try to catch up on the sermons online too... Helps me feel more connected to my church family at home.